Creative Events

"QU Productions is the laser visual solution for all events, providing unforgettable displays."

Creative Events

QU Productions has 11 years of experience in providing epic laser shows for a variety of clients.

All our laserists have been fully trained in the aspects of laser safety.


  • Projecting brand names or logos
  • 3 dimensional modelling
  • Projecting animated demonstrations
  • Product launches
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Glamourising corporate events
  • Promotions
  • Award ceremonies

Fashion Shows

Our laser system can add extra sparkle to the catwalk. Set the mood and show your products and designs in the best light.

Public Events

Festivals, firework and visual arts displays and other special events can all benefit from the addition of a laser display. Add the extra wow factor and create an unforgettable show.

Our high powered multicoloured laser system is suitable for venues with a capacity of up to 3500 people.

Clubs and Music Events

Laser beam shows and projected animated logos, can transform any music event. We can provide tailor-made laser shows that can be mixed live and also programmed to synchronise with music.

Our laser system can be used to create several effects simultaneously, for example, projecting animations at the same time as providing a beam show.

Logo for DJ's 'My Digital Enemy'

Product Launches, Promotions & Trade Shows

3D imaging, animations and atmospheric laser effects can be used to enhance product image.  Make use of the latest technology to make your product stand out from the rest. Use lasers to create a unique atmosphere and intrigue in a spartan exhibition hall.